Fivestars Review

flag Increase customer visits by 44% with Clover
  • Trusted by 14,000+ businesses

  • EMV and PCI-compliant

  • Next business day deposits

  • No hidden charges

Pros & Cons

  • Marketing-driven payment solution
  • User-friendly interface
  • No hidden charges
  • Limited range of integrations
  • No options for online businesses

Plans & Pricing

The Fivestars Clover Marketing Bundle includes marketing features and starts at $50 per month which includes all hardware (Clover Station 2018 and Fivestars Customer Touchscreen) and Fivestars Loyalty. There are no hidden or variable charges. In addition, there is a guarantee for matching or beating the rates offered by the existing payment service provider. Fivestars does not offer any free trial or freemium service for now.



Fivestars is an all-in-one marketing platform and merchant service, provider. It offers a range of customer acquisition, database creation, and payment processing solutions to meet the needs of small to mid-sized brick-and-mortar businesses. Fivestars offers a Clover Marketing Bundle which includes Clover POS, a Fivestars Payment Terminal, and Fivestars Payments. Fivestars integrates seamlessly with the Clover Station 2018 and Clover Mini allowing you to turn every swipe into a marketing opportunity. The ability to combine marketing with payment solutions, together with competitive rates and excellent customer support make Fivestars an interesting payment service provider.


  • "Price"
    9 /10
  • "Features"
    8 /10
  • "Ease of Use"
    8 /10
  • "Help and Support"
    9 /10

Features and Functionality

Fivestars is, by inception, a marketing platform tied to merchant services. Therefore, apart from the standard merchant service features, you also get an opportunity to enjoy the unparalleled marketing features of Fivestars. With Fivestars, every swipe, dip or tap not only gives you cash but also gives you a chance to create more repeat customers.

You can access Fivestars from the merchant service portal on Fivestars’ website. The platform can also be accessed via mobile phones on both Android and iOS. A key limitation, however, is that Fivestars only supports brick-and-mortar businesses, and is not yet available for online sellers.

Clover POS Integration

Fivestars stands out in terms of its seamless integration with Clover POS hardware. All you need to get started is the Fivestars rewards program and compatible Clover hardware.

Next-Day Deposits

Unlike some of the competitors that offer delayed deposits, Fivestars offer next-day deposits. This is an incredibly important feature because even the slightest delay in cash inflows can increase your overdraft or interest cost over a longer period. In addition, Fivestars supports all major credit cards and mobile wallets.

Excellent Customer Support

A quick comparison of different merchant service providers reveals that the majority of them do not offer live chat support. This is exactly where Fivestars stands out. You can not only call its staff but can also avail of live chat support, seven days a week. The support is not only available during office hours, but extended from 6:00 am to 11:00 pm.

EMV and PCI-Compliant

We completely understand that your and your customer’s security is of paramount importance. This is exactly where Fivestars outperforms your local payment partners. The services offered by Fivestars are based on EMV technology and are PCI compliant.

Build Customer Database

While this is not a typical feature to include under merchant services, we believe it is critically important for all businesses. When you are availing of the payment processing services of Fivestars, you are also building a database of customers. This means you can use Fivestars’ solutions for acquiring, notifying and educating your customers. You can, in fact, use it to transform your customer relationship experience.

Hardware Requirements

The software is compatible with the Clover Station 2018 and Clover Mini. Once the software is installed, you can access it using Fivestars’ website. In addition, the business has also developed a mobile app, which means your customers can access Fivestars on both Android and iOS.

Integrations & Add-ons

The range of integrations offered by Fivestars is somewhat limited. This is because Fivestars itself offers a wide range of services from customer acquisition to final retention. Some of the applications that can be integrated with Fivestars include Birdeye, Enplug, and Altametrics. In addition, Fivestars Pay can be perfectly integrated with Clover POS, including Clover Station 2018 and Clover Mini. This means even if you are using the popular hardware provided by POS, you can start using the reward programs offered by Fivestars.

Ease of Use

The processes and interface employed by Fivestars is user-friendly and does not require extensive training. You can find dozens of articles covering various processes and commonly asked questions. In addition, the support is available seven days a week, including live chat, where you can raise all questions and concerns.

Customer Support

Fivestars offers phone, live chat as well as email support, 17 hours a day, 7 days a week. Online chat support, powered by Intercom, is exactly where Fivestars stands out.

  • Phone Support
    Customers can contact Fivestars Monday to Sunday between 6:00 am and 11:00 pm.
  • Live Online Chat
    Users can also raise their queries via the live chat option
  • Email
    Fivestars can also be reached out via email
  • Blog
    Informative blogs and updates are also published by Fivestars

Final Word

Overall, the POS and payment features offered by Fivestars are sufficient, but the service is backed by robust marketing tools. This means you do not just cash for every swipe or tap, but also get valuable customer information to help you transform the relationship management experience. Thousands of small businesses rely on Fivestars, and highly secure payment features, backed by expert support make Fivestars a recommended POS provider.

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