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flag Customizable & user-friendly interfaces
  • Seamless payment processing

  • Robust analytics & reporting

  • Extensive integrations

  • Customer loyalty programs

Plans & Pricing

SpotOn offers flat & transparent pricing. That means no long-term contracts and no hidden fees. SpotOn’s subscription fees are month-to-month and cancelable at any time.

Payment Processing fees are designed to keep costs down: 1.99% and $0.25 per transaction on most cards.

Hardware options vary and can be combined based on restaurant size, operational complexity, and operator needs. Financing and capital are available to get restaurants started with $0 upfront costs.

SpotOn Restaurant point-of-sale software is $55/month per station.

The SpotOn platform fee is just $25/month, including email marketing, reporting, review management, and access to SpotOn Capital to apply for and manage a loan.

Additional software is available to meet each restaurant’s unique needs at flat, monthly rates. For example, commission-free online ordering ($45/month), loyalty ($65/month), reservations and waitlist ($100/month), and usage-based fees for labor management ($3/employee with SpotOn Restaurant POS).

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SpotOn Restaurant is one of the most comprehensive, integrated systems on the market. From cloud-based POS to commission-free reservations and online ordering to labor management software, it offers everything the modern restaurateur needs — with none of the headaches that you get with other big POS companies, like long-term contracts, surprise fees and rate hikes, and impersonal service.

SpotOn excels in serving full-service restaurants, bars, and nightlife venues by providing a single, integrated system to run their business. Designed with speed in mind, the SpotOn Restaurant point-of-sale includes easy-to-read table layouts, the ability to quickly add items to an order, and make menu changes on the fly. The platform includes email marketing, review management, and the industry’s best reporting and analytics – all in a single, integrated dashboard that’s available anywhere your business takes you. Fully integrated software includes all the essentials, like online ordering, reservations, labor management, and loyalty, plus a range of best-in-class integrations.


  • "Price"
    7.5 /10
  • "Features"
    10 /10
  • "Ease of Use"
    9 /10
  • "Help and Support"
    9 /10

Features and Functionality

SpotOn Restaurant gives operators everything they need to drive profit and streamline operations — from an intuitive, cloud-based point-of-sale with software designed to improve the efficiency and speed to hardware that offers flexibility and reliability. SpotOn Restaurant was recently named the Best Overall Restaurant POS system by NerdWallet, outperforming competitors like Toast, Lightspeed, Clover, and TouchBistro on cost, capabilities, integrations, and customer support.

While the SpotOn Restaurant POS has robust functionality and is extremely customizable, it is also easy to onboard and use for restaurant staff. SpotOn Restaurant combines the top-rated restaurant point-of-sale software with a suite of proprietary, patent-pending hardware designed to flex to the unique needs of each restaurant. The hardware is built for efficiency, reliability, and ease of use, making it easier for restaurant staff to deliver a seamless experience for their guests.

Hardware: Includes the 15.6” Station, the 10” Counter, and the 6.5” Handheld, designed with input from highly-respected restaurant owners and operators in SpotOn’s Restaurant Advisory Council.

The SpotOn platform: Includes email marketing, review management, business analytics, and access to financial capital to apply for and manage a business loan.

Robust Reporting: SpotOn offers one of the most in-depth reporting solutions out there — allowing restaurant operators to quickly glean insights from visual dashboards or dive deep into their operations and sales with detailed reporting on sales, labor costs, product mix, and more.

SpotOn Teamwork: To address the rising cost and complexity of the labor market, SpotOn Teamwork offers the restaurant industry’s most comprehensive labor management software to improve scheduling, tip distribution, payroll preparation, labor cost analysis, and employee engagement.

Teamwork’s tip management solution: enables the most complex customization on the market to match any restaurant’s tip rules and distribute based on those rules within minutes — saving hours of work for a manager and giving employees confidence in knowing they are being paid fairly and accurately.

The labor solution also provides peace of mind by enabling restaurant operators to create automated scheduling & clock-in rules for their teams to ensure compliance with local and state laws with clock-in roles

SpotOn Order: SpotOn’s commission-free online ordering is integrated with the SpotOn Restaurant point-of-sale and SpotOn Loyalty, so operators can easily track all their online orders directly from the POS while encouraging guests to re-order through their direct platform with loyalty rewards.

SpotOn Reserve: Through SpotOn Reserve, restaurants have access to a smart table management solution that makes table and turn time recommendations based on server workload and capacity, the ability to manage an online waitlist, communicate directly with guests through two-way text messaging, and offer unique dining experiences like prefix meals. Guest
data flows directly to the POS and can be leveraged for marketing and email campaigns.

Seat & Send:  First-of-its-kind feature that allows guests to pre-order food or drinks that will be fired to the kitchen immediately after the guest is seated. The feature combines the power of Order and Reserve, promising faster service, enhanced guest satisfaction, and improved operational efficiency for restaurants.

Hardware Requirements

SpotOn requires customers to use their easy-to-use, touchscreen hardware.

SpotOn’s proprietary hardware is built for efficiency, reliability, and ease of use with multiple configurations. The three devices include the station, the counter, and the handheld device. There is an additional one-time cost for these devices, options vary and start at $799/Restaurant Station. Hardware bundles, promotional rates and $0 upfront financing options are available. SpotOn also lets you augment your chosen package with software add-ons like web development, web hosting, online ordering, and appointment management all at an additional monthly cost. 

Integrations & Add-ons

SpotOn is focused on curating and delivering the best possible restaurant management solution for clients. To do so, SpotOn partners with best-in-class 3rd party technology providers to fulfill the breadth of customer needs, adapt quickly to market changes, and create maximum impact for its clients. The company has tripled the size of its integrations team to find, curate, and build seamless integrations with the best providers in the industry, including:

Inventory Management solutions like MarginEdge, Craftable, and US BeerSAVER integrate directly with SpotOn to send POS sales data to better monitor inventory, track menu prices, and compare theoretical vs. actual costs.

To streamline accounting, SpotOn integrates with DAVO to automatically pull POS sales data into a client’s accounting platform to reduce manual work and errors.

For Online Ordering and Delivery, SpotOn uses ItsaCheckmate to integrate online orders from multiple platforms into the POS so operators can manage all online orders from one centralized place. SpotOn also offers delivery integrations with CaptainAI and DoorDash Drive to allow clients to ensure online deliveries run smoothly with internal or external delivery drivers. To streamline kitchen operations, SpotOn partners with Fresh KDS.

Ease of Use

SpotOn POS is a user-friendly, easy platform to navigate, take orders, and customize on the go. At first glance, the user interface might seem overwhelming and confusing, however, the platform is easy to figure out. Once you’ve got it understood, you can easily teach your employees.

Be aware that the installation time takes up to two weeks of lead time and a custom quote, other than that, the customer support and customizability puts this POS on top. 

Final Word

SpotOn is a decent option for high-volume restaurants as well as for small to mid-sized restaurants. One of the most important things that makes a POS stand out from the rest is the features offered, and SpotOn has an endless amount of features. However, a lot of features do come at an added monthly cost.

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