Best Retail POS Systems to Handle Black Friday

Gabriel Nwatarali

Nov 07 2019

At last, one of the most profitable Fridays of the entire year is upon us – Black Friday! The North American culture where consumers show up in droves to snatch the best possible deals. These days the event were originally the Friday after Thanksgiving – hence the name – but now they’ve grown to begin on Thanksgiving Thursday and extend through Cyber Monday for some retailers, making Black Friday an even bigger shopping event. And with volume like that, you’ll need the right retail point of sales system in your corner. This article discusses the best retail POS systems on the market.

Today retail POS software needs to support online sales. That’s because Black Friday is no longer just an in-store event. In fact, about half of sales during the event are made online now. Black Friday alone pulled in 6.22 billion in online sales last year, which was up by 23.6 percent compared to previous stats. Many of those customers ordered online but picked up in-store. So imagine how much foot traffic stores must have received. Plus it’s looking like it’s going to be another busy one.

Here are a couple of the best retail POS systems to consider. These POS systems are built to handle massive volumes of activity.


Shopkeep is a cloud-based retail point of sales system used by more than 23,000 businesses in the United States. Among them include several retail companies, bars, quick-serve, and full-service restaurants. The user interface (UI) of Shopkeep is very easy to understand, clean, and intuitive. Practically anyone can use it.

Shopkeep can be accessed from any web browser or device since it’s cloud-based retail POS software. The company’s retail hardware kit includes an iPad, receipt printer, credit card reader, a label printer, a bar code scanner, and a cash drawer. You can also customize things based on your needs via their online store.

This POS has a variety of features that assist retailers so let’s dive in. The fact is you’ll likely have to hire extra help during Black Friday. However, onboarding is a synch thanks to Shopkeep’s intuitive and user-friendly interface. Training can be very time-consuming when using POS software with bad UI. Plus the POS tracks employee activities really well such as clock in and clock out times.

Inventory is going to be key because it can affect your revenue. You’ve likely planned ahead and made necessary orders based on sales expectations. However, retail can be quite unpredictable and even well-stocked items might run out before the shopping event is done. Thankfully, there’s Shopkeep’s amazing inventory management feature. The system tracks inventory in real-time and alerts you whenever items are about to be sold out so you can restock. This feature is especially useful if your company has access to same-day inventory delivery.

Furthermore, Shopkeep features excellent real-time transaction recording and analytics. So there are no delays in record-keeping or accounting between store locations.

Heartland Retail

Heartland Retail is one of the best retail POS system designed specifically for retailers. The POS was built to address the needs of multi-store and multi-channel (both online and offline) retail companies. Heartland offers greater control over your revenues with its real-time sales management feature. The software makes it easy to serve customers quickly and efficiently using an intuitive UI. That also means it’s easy to train new staff.

There are several other useful features like its real-time inventory management tool. This tracks and manages stock across all stores. Also, it alerts you about items that need attention like the other POS systems on our list. Additionally, you can ship orders right from the POS if applicable. For example, you can ship items that are no longer in stock to customers during Black Friday.

Another great feature is the Heartland TRAC and probably why this software is one of the best retail POS system out there. This is a feature unique to Heartland Retail that electronically tracks in-store foot traffic and calculates your conversion rate. TRAC can be used to improve the profitability of seasonal events in the following ways.

  • Compare historical data such as traffic trends or conversion rates so you can strategize accordingly.
  • Analyze past traffic stats so you can set more appropriate opening and closing hours.
  • Use data to gauge past marketing campaign effectiveness and implement improvements where needed.
  • Use past purchase data to understand consumer behavior and stock inventory.

Overall, Heartland Retail significantly simplifies and improves retail operations.

So, Are You Prepared?

Black Friday is only weeks away but there’s still time to prepare. So don’t worry if your POS software isn’t cutting it. Setting up any of the best retail POS systems discussed in this article typically takes no more than a few days. Also, you might be able to get things set up on the same day if appropriate or compatible existing POS hardware is present. Finally, the last thing any retailer wants is to run out of inventory on the biggest shopping event of the year. So be prepared and good luck.

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